Me in London

One of my favorite things to do is travel. I love exploring new places, learning new cultures, eating new foods and meeting new people. My go to way of transportaion is through car because I feel you can appreciate the landscapes a lot more; although I dont oppose planes and trains! A big travel goal of mine is to say I've been to every continent and country! As an aspiring photojournalist I believe this can be very achieveable. It blows my mind when people say they haven't even left Texas!

In 2015, when I was 20 years old, I got an opporttunity to live in Germany as an Aupair for my cousin and her family. Essentially, I got to nanny my little cousins for a year in a small medival town called, Essligen, in southern Germany. While there we travled to other countries, which was surprisingly easy and cheap! One of my favorite places was Barcelona, Spain because it had the busy city vibes and the relaxed beach vibes all in one. Just the food and sites alone made me fall in love with the city. Living with my family, hanging out with the kids and traveling to new places together was such an amazing experience that I wish I could relive again and again.


The next set of places I have eyes on visiting soon is South Korea, South America and Colorado. My cousin is stationed in South Korea with her family, so I'm hoping to visit them in July. My mom is also planning a spring break trip to Cancun, that can't come soon enough! I just love the endless opportunities the world has to offer and explore. I'm a natural born traveler.

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