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My name is Deandra Gonzalez and this is my home cooking blog. Currenlty the world is fighting the outbreak of the coronavirus and since everyone is in quarantine, home cooking has spiked. I thought it would be a good idea to share recipes I've leaerned, new meal ideas and local businesses to support during the pandemic. Small businesses need help the most so I will share which resturants are doing delivery in San Marcos.

When I cook I don't usually measure anything out, unless it's for baking so forgive me if I don't list exact measurements on each ingredient. I feel by not measuring my ingredients or following an exact recipe, that it's easier to learn and to learn from those mistakes. Not measuring is where the love in cooking begins.

Since moving to San Marcos I've been cooking much more because I have my own kicthen. I've made countless steaks, chickens, vegatables, eggs, pastas, mexican dishes, cookies, banana bread and healthy brunch meals. I haven't even been in my apartment for a year. I can't wait to see what else I master. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


French Toast

I love making french toast and its one of the easiest ways to spice up breakfast and make it fun. Here I made a simple french toast, topped with a strawberry compote and a side of bacon. For the strawberry compote I put frozen strawberries into a non-stick pan on a medium to high heat. I also add sugar so it's a little sweeter. I let this simmer while stiring. For the French toast, I dip bread (any choice) into a bowl of 2 beaten eggs. I then cook them on a pan or a cast iron pan until browned on each side. I like to add cinnamon to the egg mixture and to the toast as it's cooking. Cook your bacon as you nornmally would. The strawberry compote is ready when it looks like a syrup. Powdered sugar is optional. Thats all for a quick and sweet breakfast.


Mexican Rice

I've been trying to master my Mexican rice for about six years now and I finally don't have to call my mom or grandma for help. I know it's just rice but you can easily mess it up. Again I don't measure things out, I just season and taste as I go. So each time was nerveracking. Anyways I finally got it down and each time it comes out better and better. I first start heating oil into a large pan. Then after the oil is somewhat hot I add about two cups of thoroughly washed white rice and diced tomatoes. I fry this until the rice is golden brown. The next step is all about the flavor of the rice. I add about one can of tomato sauce, pepper, garlic salt, and one chicken b cube. I taste the soup to make sure the flavor is right because that will be the flavor of the rice. I let it simmer for a bit then set it to a low heat, cover and let cook for about 20 min or until rice is tender.



Picadillo is one of the easiest dishes to make, especially if you are on a budget. It also satisfies that homemade taste you are probably missing from home. All you need is a large pan or a cast iron, one pound of ground beef, one large russett potato and seasonings. I like to add jalapenos and tomatoes as well. First you want to start the ground beef and chopped potatoes in a pan on medium heat. I add garlic salt, pepper, season all, and garlic powder. Brown the beef and cook potatoes till they are soft. Add the jalapenos and cover for a few minutes. Then add tomatoes, cook till they are soft and its ready! This is good with some corn tortillas, Mexican rice or fideo.

How To Make Corn Tortillas At Home:

Since meeting my boyfrfiend almost a year ago, we've been cooking together non stop. We are no chefs but we have shared with each other tips and recipes for homemade Mexican cooking. My boyfriend, Tomas, had made corn tortillas for his family and of course I helped. I've made flour tortillas before, but it's a few more steps and my tortillas came out the shape of Texas. When I saw how easy it was to make corn tortilass, I immediately made Maseca a must have in my kitchen.

All you need for corn Tortillas is: A large mixing bowl, a tortilla press, a plastic sandwhich bag to cover the press, a comal, tortilla warmer (optional), Maseca (masa), salt, warm water and your hands! Most of this stuff you can find at a Mexican meat market or at your grandmas house!

When I make corn tortillas I like to make a bunch so I can use them in multiple ways. Not only do I use them for tacos, but I fry them to make chips, I cut them up for migas, I make quesadillas and I also store any extra in the freezer. It's fun and super simple to make this easy Mexican Staple.

Local Resturants Doing Delivery:

Going to a Mexican restaurants and ordering bottemless chips and salsa with margaritas is going to be one of the first things I do once I'm out of quarantine. Being able to enjoy food at a sit down restaurant is not a luxury we can experience right now. Luckily there is still local resturants doing delivery and pickup services. I made a list of some of my favorite Mexican restaurants in San Marcos. I think it's important to support local businesses in our community during this time.

The first restaurant is Santi's Tacos located at 201 S LBJ Dr in San Marcos. Their specialty is Mexican street tacos and they do not disappoint. You can choose choices of meat like al pastor, bistec and barbacoa to go on top of tacos, nachos or tortas. Everything is served with cilantro, avocado, queso fresco onion and charro beans. They are currently doing to go orders and deliveries through 512togo.

The next place is called Rolling Bowl, a Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant located at 1285, I-35, San Marcos. I've only been to this restaurant once but it was so damn good. I ordered a beef pho and some fresh crab ragoons. The ragoons were crispy and had the right amount of cream cheese inside. The pho was a nice touch for a cold evening. The restaurant is still open and doing deliveries through 512togo.

The last restaurant is Pluckers Wing Bar located at 105 N Interstate 35 in San Marcos. This is hands down one of my favorite wing and beer spots. My go to order is the five wing combo tossed in spicy lemon pepper sauce and a side of waffle fries and sweet tea. I can't wait till I have to wait two hours for a table again. Some of the togo specials that Pluckers is offering is $40-$55 gallon cocktails, family meal packs that feeds four to six people for $65. Also if you spend $30 oyou get a free dessert, appatizer or more wings.

FLour Tortilla Recipe:

The first time I made flour tortillas was with my grandma Meza, back in my hometown Harlingen. I remember getting to mix the dough and feeling how soft the flour was. I remember pouring the warm water and making sure to get the right consistancy. A memory of a simpler time I'll always have. Since I can't go visit and learn from her in person, I decided to text my grandma and ask her for her flour tortilla recipe. Of course she was happy to do this because she was already planning to make some the same weekend.

She said ingrdients needed are: flour, baking powder, salt, manteca (crisco), warm water, large mixing bowl, rolling pin and a comal. First you mix your dry ingridents. Mix two cups of flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder and one and a half tablespoon of salt. Next you want to add shortening (mateca) and incorporate well. Once that is all done, add warm water slowly until dough comes together. Don't add too much water or it wll turn out sticky. Next piece dough into smaller disc shape balls. Roll out each ball with a pin to make a round shape (mine come out like Texas).

Next is the easy part. Warm up your comal so you can cook the tortillas. Place the raw tortillas on the skillet. The tortillas should rise up and fluff. Keep flipping the tortillas till both sides are browned to your liking.

What You Need:

  • All purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Manteca (Crisco)
  • Sifter
  • Measuring cups/spoons

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